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Why Glatt Kosher?

For meat to be considered kosher, it must also be slaughtered properly. It’s concerned with not causing pain to the animal.

We take our process even further.  Our rules strictly prohibit us from using animals that have broken bones, punctures or cuts, punctures to the lungs, or a terminal illness that would have caused suffering during its life.

The health and taste of our meat are evident. You might want to call us the meat perfectionist.  We invite you to visit our store and explore over 45 select cuts of prime Kosher meat.

All our brands of Beef, Chicken, Lamb, Turkey, and Veal are certified by one or more of the following certifications: 

Kosher Certification Seal
Glatt Kosher Certification Seal
Glatt Kosher Seal
One Kosher Seal
Kurson Kosher Seal
Store Interior
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